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We have over 30 years experience in clothing alternations. Cheap prices, HUGE SAVINGS!!
 Class Stitch Alterations & Repairs provides clothing alterations and repair services for  customers throughout Prahran and surrounding areas.

Specialising in all aspects of clothing alterations and repairs, our team can alter and fix anything, from dresses and blouses to pants, jeans, and trousers.

Contact us today on 03 9521 2557 for a free quote or to find out more about our repair and alterations services.

 Class Stitch Alterations specialises in alterations and repair work for clothing of all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Based in Prahran, we?ve been providing professional clothing alterations and repair services for over 30 years.

Committed to providing the cheapest and most competitive prices, we offer affordable and efficient services with no compromise on quality.

With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, you can trust that we will repair or alter your clothing seamlessly and perfectly.

So for all repair and alterations work, trust me and try me at Class Stitch Alterations.

 Class Stitch Alterations provides the following services:

  • Clothing alterations
  • Clothing repairs
  • Dress hems
  • Jacket sleeves
  • Button replacement
  • Patches
 No job is too big or too small for us, we can repair anything and alter anything to your satisfaction.

For professional alterations and repair services coupled with competitive rates, give us a call at Class Stitch Alterations.

 Class Stitch Alterations provides quality repair and alterations services for all clothing items, from dresses, tops and skirts, to jeans, trousers and jackets.

For quality repair work you can count on, coupled with affordable and competitive rates, give us a call at Class Stitch Alterations, or just drop in.









Width Guide to Trouser Tapers Width of 10 Inches & a circumference of 20 Inches= Wide Leg Width of 9 Inches & a circumference of 18 = Standard Leg Width of 8 Inches & a circumference of 16 Inches= Slim Leg Width of 7 Inches & a circumference of 14 Inches= Skinny Leg Width of 6 Inches &a circumference of 12 Inches = Super Skinny Leg
Replacement matching zip fitted into your jeans.Machine stitched with thread to match existing stitchingHeavy Duty Brass Zip
Let out waist of trousers
Take in waist of trousers or jeans
Taper and shorten legs of trousers or jeans
Taper from knee of trousers or jeans
Taper thighs thro crutch of trousers or jeans
Taper thighs of trousers or jeans
Lengthen legs with tapes of trousers
New zips of trousers or jeans
Repair to side pocket of trousers or jeans



Vintage clothing - take in seams, shorten and /or lengthen hems
Stretch fabric - T-shirts take in seams, shorten and /or lengthen hems by using a special machine
Manchester - shorten/alter bed sheets, table clothes, covers, blankets, napkins, towels, curtains, fitted sheets, pillow, valance covers and quilts. replace zips in sofa cushion, cushions
Aprons - altered, mending, shorten and /or lengthen hems
Sleeping bags - replace zip, restitch seams
Zips - we can replace or sew in normal to invisible zips to Jackets, pants, skirts, dresses, sleeping bag cushion covers, baby suits, ski jackets, leather jackets
Stretch fabric, Knit wear and Sports wear - we shorten T-shirt hems, sleeves and side seams, shorten track pants, shorten all types of stretch to knit wear from hems and sleeve and etc
We can replace broken or missing jeans studs, hook and eyes,  studs, eyelets, belt keepers, bra keepers
We can stitch labels and badges, Letters/logo
We can restitch or replace buttons
Add or replace ½ pockets bags
We can do lace work, stitch beads on costumes or wedding dresses and etc
If you have bought them to short or grown a bit, this is the service for you. Lengthened with trouser tapes on the bottom, all threads to match existing stitching All lengthening is designated by the amount of material on the inside of the existing hem
 Cuffed Hems


Taper side seams of bridal wear Shorten length of bridal wearTaper side seams with bones in side areas of bridal wear
-jeans hems shortened
-jeans button replacement
-jeans zip replacement
-take-in jeans at waist
-patching jeans

We can do minor/major repairs of tears, abrasion, and worn out areas etc.




dress hems shortened
taking in dress side seams
shortening dress straps/shoulders
dress zip replacement
dress sleeve shortening

Shorten sleeves

Shorten pleated skirt

Shorten skirt


All types of alterations and repairs  Suede and leather Invisible mending Knit wear repairs Garment remodeling Wedding and evening wear