Welcome to CLASS STITCH Clothing Alterations.

Do you have clothes that don't fit or is something broken, frayed or missing? Don't throw it away...we can help you fix it!

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality alteration, tailoring and repair service.
We are a husband & wife team working
We have industrial machines so you can be assured that the quality of our sewing is very good. With over 30 years experience in the clothing industry, you can trust that our service is not only professional but also very reliable.
We provide a wide range of clothing alteration services.
Services include: Repairs or altering clothing professionally, using hand and machine sewing techniques
-Hemming (jeans, shirts, skirts, pants)
-Fix zips & buttons
-Alterations to garments to make it fit your size
-Babylock hems for dresses, skirts, tops
-Adding design details to your garments
-Construct garments if you are a designer wanting to start own label
-Sew samples (you provide fabric & cut patterns)
We also guarantee your satisfaction as well as best prices in town.


Have the perfect fit to your jeans. Machine stitched with thread to match existing stitching
Trouserstrousers hems shortened trousers hems lengthened take-in trousers at waist let-out trousers at waist trousers zip replacement sew button on trousers sew on hook and eye on trousers


-dress hems shortened
-taking in dress side seams
-shortening dress straps/shoulders
-dress zip replacement
-dress sleeve shortening





Shorten length of skirt  Shorten lining of skirt Taper of skirt  Re-line of skirt  New zips in skirt (also invisible)
-shirt hems shortened
-taking in shirt side seams
-shirt sleeves shortened
-sew button on shirt
jacket hems shortened
jacket sleeves shortened
taking in jacket side seams
sew button on jacket

 T-shirts take in seams, shorten

PATCHES    Repairing rips and tears in your Jeans.  Denim patches machined stitched with thread to match existing stitching

Suit Alterations